Thursday, December 3, 2015

Salvador Dali: The Burning Giraffe

The 1937 piece, "The Burning Giraffe" is an oil on panel piece by Salvador Dali. This is my favorite painting because it is one of Dali's earlier works and it shows his focus on psychological themes rather than the more provocative pieces that he created toward the end and height of his career. The contrast of the yellow in the drawers, the red dirt, red hands and face of the forefront subject and the orange in the fire on the giraffe balances out the blue in the print. There is no singular meaning to the piece because there are so many different psychological metaphors used in the piece. The difference in the depth of the characters also makes the movement of the image unique because ones eye doesn't necessarily go in a circle but rather moves around the painting according to different depths of the subjects.

-Aimee Caron

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