Thursday, December 10, 2015

Egon Schiele: Sunflowers

I really admired this piece that was made by Egon Schiele. The small detail that was put into this work really shows how much time it took him to complete the artwork. The back rounds creamish tan color really helps to bring the picture together as well; creating the flowers to pop out and catch the eye. The sunflower is my personal favorite flower, so this really pulled me in to take a closer look.

Field Landscape (Kreuzberg near Krumau) - Egon Schiele

I chose this piece by Egon Schiele because I like his use of color, space and simplistic detail to portray his work. Also, I grew up in an area with a landscape very similar to what Egon portrayed; allowing me to have a personal connection to this piece. Finally, I like how every inch of the paper is used and there is no empty space. These are the reasons I chose Field Landscape by Egon Schiele. 

Egon Schiele Sailing Ships in the waves-exciting water

I liked this Schiele drawing because Schiele was able to capture depth while still remaining to keep things looking semi abstract. The reflection of water was my favorite thing about this piece because of how the boats reflection were unique in the way Schiele kept them looking fluid. 

Egon Schiel

This painting by Egon Schiel is titled sailing ships in the waves-exciting water (the harbor of Trieste). This one is my favorite picture by him because I think it is cool how he was able to make it look so realistic. His other paintings were more confusing than this one. This one is simple and pretty to look at.

Egon Schiele

Egon Schieles body of work is noted for the intensity and the large number of self-portraits he produced. The twisted body shapes that characterize Schieles paintings and drawings make the artist a notable exponent of Expressionism.

Egon Schiele

I chose the "Sailing ships in the waves" photo by Egon Schiele because I loved the way he drew all the little details in the picture to make it look like the boats are really creating the currents. I also liked how he didn't use such bright colors in his drawing and used more calm colors instead.

Egon Schiele

I chose Egon Schiele's Sunflowers because I didn't like his human form drawings that much but the sunflowers are really beautiful. I think it's interesting that a lot of the focus is on the leaves instead of the flowers but it's not completely overbearing. I think it's a really beautiful piece.