Thursday, December 10, 2015

Egon Schiele: Sunflowers

I really admired this piece that was made by Egon Schiele. The small detail that was put into this work really shows how much time it took him to complete the artwork. The back rounds creamish tan color really helps to bring the picture together as well; creating the flowers to pop out and catch the eye. The sunflower is my personal favorite flower, so this really pulled me in to take a closer look.

Field Landscape (Kreuzberg near Krumau) - Egon Schiele

I chose this piece by Egon Schiele because I like his use of color, space and simplistic detail to portray his work. Also, I grew up in an area with a landscape very similar to what Egon portrayed; allowing me to have a personal connection to this piece. Finally, I like how every inch of the paper is used and there is no empty space. These are the reasons I chose Field Landscape by Egon Schiele. 

Egon Schiele Sailing Ships in the waves-exciting water

I liked this Schiele drawing because Schiele was able to capture depth while still remaining to keep things looking semi abstract. The reflection of water was my favorite thing about this piece because of how the boats reflection were unique in the way Schiele kept them looking fluid. 

Egon Schiel

This painting by Egon Schiel is titled sailing ships in the waves-exciting water (the harbor of Trieste). This one is my favorite picture by him because I think it is cool how he was able to make it look so realistic. His other paintings were more confusing than this one. This one is simple and pretty to look at.

Egon Schiele

Egon Schieles body of work is noted for the intensity and the large number of self-portraits he produced. The twisted body shapes that characterize Schieles paintings and drawings make the artist a notable exponent of Expressionism.

Egon Schiele

I chose the "Sailing ships in the waves" photo by Egon Schiele because I loved the way he drew all the little details in the picture to make it look like the boats are really creating the currents. I also liked how he didn't use such bright colors in his drawing and used more calm colors instead.

Egon Schiele

I chose Egon Schiele's Sunflowers because I didn't like his human form drawings that much but the sunflowers are really beautiful. I think it's interesting that a lot of the focus is on the leaves instead of the flowers but it's not completely overbearing. I think it's a really beautiful piece.

Egon Schiele - "Setting Sun"

This is Setting Sun by Egon Schiele done in 1913 with oil paint. I particularly like this painting because of the medium used and my favorite thing to paint is landscapes. I like that the colors are very solemn. They aren't too bright which makes it easy on the eyes. The picture itself is nice because it seems to be a calming view. This is a very nice depiction of natures detail, however it is not overly done.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Egon Schiele

As I'm sure most of us are aware Egon Schiele is probably best known for his provocative nudes and deeply revealing self-portraits. But the piece that i chose is a little bit different. "HÄUSER MIT BUNTER WÄSCHE" or houses with laundry is one of his best known landscapes made in 1914. Among his works landscapes and townscapes define him as one of the absolute masters of the genre. I personally enjoy this piece for the variety of color he uses for so many textures. I feel that is what makes this piece unique and shows his eye for composition.

Egon Schiele- Four Trees

I liked this piece by Egon Schiele because it was different than the rest of his work. This one uses nice colors to make the sunrise. Also, your can see perception in the sky with the technique he uses to paint different sections of the sky. I tried researching to see why one tree barely has any leaves, but I could not find an answer, I just found it pretty interesting.

Egon Schiele

I chose this piece by Egon Schiele, sailing ships in the waves exciting water (the harbor of Trieste) because I thought that the neutral color pallet was nice to look at. Also, when you look at it as a whole, you can tell exactly what it is and it looks like a normal realistic representation but when you look closely, the waves are created from parts of the boats. I find this very interesting to look at.

Egon Schiele

I chose this piece by Schiele because I felt it had an interesting backstory. He was imprisoned for allegedly seducing an under aged girl, and while in jail he made this piece. Additionally, many of his drawing were confiscated for their seductive nature. Besides the backstory, I thought it was interesting as to why he chose to color certain parts of the drawing, but not others. I feel this produces an interesting point of interest in the drawing.

Egon Schiele- Woman Hiding Her Face

I liked this piece by Egon Schiele because he puts so much emphasis on the legs and bottom half of the woman which goes with the title of the painting, "Woman Hiding Her Face". You can see more of the bottom half and the couch she seems to be laying on but you have to look closely and interpret her face yourself.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol was such a cool and amazing artist in my eyes. He was always trying new ideas, pushing boundaries in the art world, and created pop art. I loved his fun style of works. This diptych of Marilyn Monroe is captivating to me. I love how all the Marilyn's don't look exactly alike it gives it an imperfect feel.

Frederic Edwin Church

Frederic Edwin Church (1826-1900) is an american artist that is best known for his landscapes. I personally enjoy this, "Home by the Lake", and the one like it for the amount of detail and imagination put into something that is right in front of them. I find the way they are able to scale objects in the frame so perfectly is what makes a painting like this so amazing. Another thing that makes me partial to Frederic Church is he was born in my home state of Connecticut, and became america's best known painter in the 1850's-60's. He also attended the Hudson River School for painters which of course is right in our local area!

Dmitry Spiros Painting

I admire this painting done by Dmitry Spiros. I feel paintings like these paintings should be admired and appreciated more considering the amount of work that is put into them. The different colors blended together to make this piece is very creative and in depth to catch the eye. The reflection from the water the artist shows in the center of the painting is beautiful and with the boat placed right in the center you can see the allusion it is creating as its floating down the stream. The more you look into this painting the more creativity you find within it, stretching your imagination to figure out what the artist was thinking when he was painting it.

Alec Monopoly - Christian Bale

Alec Monopoly is the alias of an unidentified graffiti artist, originally from NYC. He has worked in the urban environments of New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Europe and throughout Asia using various materials to depict various iconic pop culture characters.

Bev Doolittle- "Bugged Bear"

I chose to do this artwork by Bev Doolittle because I find his work to be very colorful and fun unlike other artists that don't use a lot of color. In this picture I find it to be really neat how detailed his work is with the bears fur all the little flowers, and even the insects flying around. This piece of art looks very realistic. This specific piece of artwork goes for about 8 thousand dollars.

Keith Haring

I chose Keith Haring as my favorite artist because he makes such simple pieces that really have so much meaning behind them. Between being an artist and a social activist, he had a lot to say and was able to convey all of his opinions through his art. Each one of his pieces is exciting and fun to look at with similar characters in each, much like telling a story.

Basquiat | Hollywood Africans

Jean-Michel Basquiat is my favorite artist that we learned about this semester. His artwork is unlike anything I've ever seen among famous artists. He has such an original style about his work, using simple and abstract symbols, lines, and words to get his point across. In this piece, entitled "Hollywood Africans," Basquiat uses stars, footprints, and words like "tobacco" and "gangsterism" to create a central yet abstract theme regarding Hollywood.

Salvador Dali: The Burning Giraffe

The 1937 piece, "The Burning Giraffe" is an oil on panel piece by Salvador Dali. This is my favorite painting because it is one of Dali's earlier works and it shows his focus on psychological themes rather than the more provocative pieces that he created toward the end and height of his career. The contrast of the yellow in the drawers, the red dirt, red hands and face of the forefront subject and the orange in the fire on the giraffe balances out the blue in the print. There is no singular meaning to the piece because there are so many different psychological metaphors used in the piece. The difference in the depth of the characters also makes the movement of the image unique because ones eye doesn't necessarily go in a circle but rather moves around the painting according to different depths of the subjects.

-Aimee Caron

Bev Doolittle - Pintos

Watercolor-Original Print 1979-21x21
Bev Doolittle is an American artist, who loves wildlife and landscapes. She is known as the camouflage artist for her excellence in blending animate objects into inanimate backgrounds. In this painting, she wanted the image to see the viewer before the viewer saw the image. I first saw this painting in grade school and I was amazed by it. I have always liked it for its natural qualities. I really like her style and use of camouflage and blending. A print of this painting is worth $9,500.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Academic Artist Frank Netter - Lymph Vessels and Nodes of Head and Neck

To generations of medical students, the name Frank Netter has been and will continue to be a magical connotation. Frank Netter is the doctor who drew the remarkably lifelike images that have been used my thousands of medical and undergraduate student to study and learn anatomy. Netter was born in Manhattan in 1906 and showed promise for art at an early age. During high school, he studied at the prestigious National Academy of Design, where he drew nude figures and eventually created artwork at New York’s City College. Despite his remarkable talent, he had promised his mother he would go to medical school, so in 1927, he enrolled at New York University Medical College. Netter did practice medicine briefly but,“the demand for Frank’s sable brush grew faster than the demand for his scalpel.” His portraits, drawings of body parts and, at the behest of pharmaceutical companies, images of new drugs and how they worked were simply too vivid and unique to ignore. In 1934, Netter saw his last patient.

Georgia O'Keefe- Ram's Head with Hollyhock

I really like this piece by Georgia O'Keefe, a 20th century female artist. She was well known for her paintings of flowers, landscapes and animal bones. She followed her theme of what she liked to paint regardless of the changes that took place in the art world during her career. I liked this piece because it combines all three of her favorite things to draw. Growing up in the West she often drew desert landscapes, she worked on this particular piece after visiting New Mexico.

Vincent van Gogh: Starry Night Over the Rhone

Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night Over the Rhone is one of my favorite pieces of art that we looked at this semester because I love the colors in this painting. I also love the mix between accuracy and abstract that makes such a beautiful representation of this night sky with the water below.

Charles the First - Jean-Michel Basquiat

Basquiat is my favorite artist that we learned about because of his unique style. I like how his painting do not seem planned, instead they look as if he just kept adding things that were on his mind to them. In this particular painting you can see random words written all over the place, which makes the art express his thoughts. All together, I think Basquiat's style has a very cool look to it.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Calling of St Matthew: Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio

Caravaggio is my favorite painter because of his ability to use lighting to emphasize certain areas of his paintings. I like that in this painting he uses foreground lighting to emphasize not Jesus nor Peter, but Matthew, who I feel was the major story in this scene. I also like how there are many interest points in this picture, not just Jesus and Peter.

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