Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Amadeo Modigliani

I chose this piece by Amadeo Modigliani because it shows his true love for painting. I think its very important as an artist to know that when you are making different pieces that you should always tie in what you love with it because that's what gives the painting more meaning. The more meaning a painting has behind it, I feel will attract more people to want to see it and learn about it. I think it is very interesting how Modigliani blends his colors together creating the human body, and uses models to express his talent. although this picture is not a picture of this woman's full naked body, I feel it still has the capability of getting the point across that Modigliani has no shame painting the human body. He expresses in his work that anyone's body is beautiful no matter what color, size or age you are.

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