Thursday, November 5, 2015

Jean Michel Basquiat

All of Jean Basquiat's artwork is unique and creative and that is why I enjoy it so much. The history behind his name makes his artwork even more meaningful to look at. Every piece of work is different and I believe that each piece expresses a different part of his life. The reason I picked this one is because all the words that are written throughout it, are in some way important to him; and the fact that he calls it artwork and publicizes it for people shows the person he really was. Since he did live a hard life I feel that, he is one of the few people who literally went from a bum, living on the streets to following his heart and finding a career out of it and getting people to love him. What makes his art so beautiful is that it isn't like anyone else's; its not something you would expect to become so popular because it isn't the greatest art I have ever seen, but because he is the artist and says its art, its art.

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