Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Favorite Drawing: Little Ballerinas

This is one of my favorite drawings. I mainly enjoy this drawing because it is realistic. I am a dancer and there is a certain truth to this image. The artist must have known something about dance to have created this image. The girl on the right obviously has more experience than the girl on the right. You can tell because of her turn out and deep plie`. The artist captured the image of the bodies correctly from a dancers perspective. The artist also seemed to want to tell a story. Is the dancer on the left aspiring to be like the one on the right? Are they related? This drawing is not just an image that explains itself, it tells a story.

I enjoyed how the artist shadows both girls as if there is lighting coming in from the left, it creates lighting within the picture as if it was an actual studio. I also liked the subtle detail of the floor and how the artist created a reflection of the girls feet in the wood floor. It was subtle yet noticeable and made a difference when looking at it.

Although there is a signature in the floor I could not find the artist name, even after searching through the internet multiple times.

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